Mask of Shadows // Assassins & Morally-Gray Characters

Title: Mask of Shadows

Author: Linsey Miller

Pub: To be released Aug 29, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

I received an eARC via NetGAlley in exchange for an honest review

Sallot Leon is a gifted thief and wants out of the dog-eat-dog world of crime and poverty. They steal a flyer for an audition for the Left Hand, the Queen’s personal force of assassins, and determines this is the way to escape they’re monotonous and dangerous life and seek revenge on those who destroyed their home.

Mask of Shadows offers morally ambiguous characters (stab, stab, poison!), an engaging take on what it means to be an assassin, and adds a dose of inclusiveness with a gender-fluid character like Sal. However, it lacks the foundation of a large fantasy world, world building, and setting.

mask of shadows edit

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Reading & Bookish Habits // A Look Back

One of my favorite posts I’ve written for Where’s My Bookmark? was Reading + Bookish Habits. It was one of my first posts I published on here and even though the writing could have been better, I’m still really happy with it.

That’s why I wanted to revisit it today. I wanted to take the time to look back on that post and take a look at my own reading and bookish habits again.

reading & bookish habits

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I Want to Read A Book That’s Like…

Picture it, you just watched a really great movie, anime, tv show. Or you just played a really good game. Or maybe you just read a really good book. You just experienced some really great stories and you want more! You want to read a book that’s like this movie or that video game.

That’s the position I’ve been sitting in for awhile. I want to read a book that’s just like (or similar) to another form of media. I just can’t help wanting a little more stories or to be pulled into a similar world.

i want to read a book like 1


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